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When a safer work space is needed, look no further than our tough, chemical-resistant and anti-slip flooring.

Our polyurea shop floor is ideal for any auto body repair shop, auto mechanics shop, industrial manufacturing plant, or carpentry workshop. Shop floors need to be resilient to constant daily abuse; that’s why we created our polyurea shop flooring. Our concrete coating is abrasion-resistant to withstand heavy impacts from machinery or tools, easy to clean, and anti-slip making it an excellent choice. Unlike standard concrete floor coatings, our scientifically formulated polyurea finishes are four times stronger than epoxy in addition to being UV stable. This means your floors won’t peel or fade after being exposed to direct sunlight or variable temperatures. No matter what kind of shop floor you need coated, polyurea finishes from Select Coatings are your best choice for longevity and durability.

General Uses for the Shop Floor Polyurea Flooring

Although shop floor polyurea flooring was designed with an industrial application in mind, its versatility and strength make it ideal for any area or room exposed to water and heavy foot traffic—like shower rooms, bathrooms, locker rooms and pool decks. Its strong slip-resistant finish and moisture resistance also work well in commercial kitchens and restaurants. Polyurea floor coatings come with a generous amount of benefits to improve workability and performance:

  • Made of 100% solids, the polyurea finish is resistant to chemicals and abrasions making our product perfect for use in so many applications.
  • Our coating finishes are scientifically formulated for strong, permanent adhesion that won’t peel or chip away.
  • The textured surface makes it safe for employees to walk and work on; our product is cost efficient and can prevent accidents before they happen.
  • Custom color formulations offer beautiful colors to match any shop design or manufacturing process.
  • The expert installers from Webfoot Concrete Coatings can finish your polyurea shop floor in just ONE day!

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