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Upgrade your floors with Select Coatings’ premium concrete coatings. Select Coatings specializes in concrete coatings, covering a 200+ mile radius with over 1,200,000 square feet coated. We offer seven different systems designed for durability and beauty.

Get The Best Floor Coating For Your Busy Garage

We offer superior polyurea garage floor coating that adds style and value to your property for decades.

Select Coatings specializes in transforming garages into luxury spaces that will be the talk of the neighborhood. once you experience our finished floor, you will never want to go back to bare concrete again.

Benefits of a Polyurea Garage Floor Coating Include:

A garage floor project in process for Select Coatings

Garage Coatings

Epoxy floor coatings tend to chip and crack in as little as two years due to a lack of flexibility to adjust to temperature changes and heavy traffic. This can be frustrating if you’re looking for a long-lasting coating solution for your garage. If you’re sick of redoing your floor after every few years, Select Coatings can help. We offer superior polyurea garage floor coating that adds style and value to your property for decades.

A finished pool patio floor project for Select Coatings

Outdoor Coatings

Backyard living is now a crucial part of our lives! Patio and Pool decks are the perfect application for adding value and beauty to your outside living spaces.

Garage Organization

No matter what you use your garage for, it’s important to pick the garage storage cabinets that are right for you. Select Cabinets are specifically designed for the garage environment. From durable powder-coated finishes to high quality construction and hardware, these cabinets are designed to last a long time.

Exterior Painting

Our focus on delivering top-notch work that lasts long, is achieved by dedicating enough time to prepare the house and applying the final touches meticulously. Before we paint a house, we start by power-washing it to make sure the surface is clean and ready to be painted. Next, we carefully inspect each home to determine if any scraping, sanding, or caulking is necessary before applying the paint. This step ensures that the paint will adhere properly and that the final result will be long-lasting and beautiful.

Interior Painting

We offer a variety of interior painting services including: walls, ceilings, trim work, railings, doors, and cabinets. Select Painting offers an extraordinary interior painting experience. We provide high quality finishes performed by an unmatched and personable staff. Your experience begins with an estimate to ensure that you get exactly what you want and what Select Painting promises.

Check Out Our Production Process

Our Systematic Process for Working on the Interior of Your Home:

  • 1. Prep

    We’ll first prepare your garage floors by diamond grinding with our 800 lb propane-powered planetary grinder. We can minimize the dust in your property by hooking the grinders up to our triple HEPA filter vacuum systems.

  • 2. Reconstruct

    Our floor coating contractors will use premium fillers and menders to fix cracks and pits in your garage before the installation of polyurea floor coating.

  • 3. Apply the Base

    We’ll mix and apply the self-priming polyurea basecoat.

  • 4. Broadcast the Chips

    After the basecoat is done, we’ll spread the chip by hand to provide texture and color to the floor.

  • 5. Scrape the Chip

    One to two hours later the basecoat will be cured, our expert contractors will scrape the chip to leave you with the desired texture and clean the floor to remove any loose flakes.

  • 6. Clear Coat

    We’ll then roll out the UV stable polyaspartic clear coat to finish the process.

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