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If you haven’t heard of us yet, Select Painting is a 10-year-old, established painting company. Having painted over 1700 homes in the Sioux Falls area, we offer exterior, interior, and deck services. Through the years we have experienced stagnant seasons and seasons of immense growth. Change can be a road of both highs and lows but the journey has lead the company to a place of refinement and healthy perspective.

This first blog is a short, warm welcoming into who Select Painting is today.

As Daniel Brunz started Select Painting back in 2006 he desired the company to be more than a logo, a brand, or a service. A group of Select Painting’s leaders met to verbalize and set in stone the companies vision. The mission was defined for both our people and our customers:

For Our People:

To create an environment that empowers one to reach their full potential.

For Our Customers:

To provide an excellent service that leaves a lasting impression.

Last summer we received a letter from a business consultant whose son was working for Select Painting. In this genuinely written letter she explained the goals for her business consulting company, and we quickly saw many values that reflected our own. We shared the belief of excellent customer service initially starting within a company, through inspiration, education, challenges, and affirmation. She encouraged us in saying, “It is one thing to have a great mission statement hung on a wall and something totally different for it to be one that is lived out and action oriented… You are transforming lives!”

One of the deepest lessons we have learned is that people and relationships, both behind the Select Painting logo and those we interact with daily, hold the most value. Relationships give us energy and purpose. We desire to transform lives and grow in excellence. We also happen to paint houses.

As a painting company, quality is of the utmost importance to serve people well. This all becomes visible in how a company communicates and how they work. Expertise in training is highly valued at Select Painting, along with pushing one another to be reliable in their commitments and actions. As we grow we continue to pursue excellence in all that we do. Through our years of experience however, we ultimately believe business and life is, more importantly, about the relationships created.

For those, we are grateful.

About the Author: Andrea Nichols

About the Author: Andrea Nichols

I grew up painting with my dad, and settled into Select Painting when I graduated from the University of Sioux Falls 3 years ago. At Select we value our customers as much as our employees, and I've loved being a part of maintaining those relationships through hiring, retention events, customer service, and marketing strategies. Thanks for reading!

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